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Fight breaks out between two women in Florida Walmart #HurricaneMatthew #PrayForFlorida [VIDEO]

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Fight breaks out between two women in Florida Walmart #HurricaneMatthew #PrayForFlorida [VIDEO]

floridawalmartfightvidBy Ricki Lee
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Any time there is an emergency or shortage, of any kind, people flood stores and gas stations to stock up. Currently, all eyes are on Florida, as a state of emergency was called. Hurricane Matthew is closing in on the Sunshine State and people are in panic.


Throughout the Southern East Coast, states are calling for residents to evacuate. Due to the dynamics of Florida, that may not be as easy. But, the residents of the state are preparing themselves, at the very least, and tensions are high.

Two ladies were shopping in a local Florida Walmart and they ended up locking horns. The two had an interest in the same product and the two went at it over it. Someone filmed their fight, unsurprisingly, and shared it online.

Watch the entire video below:

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