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Fans have stumbled across an OnlyFans page that belongs to Raz-B from B2K

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Fans have stumbled across an OnlyFans page that belongs to Raz-B from B2K

By: Brittney O. Entertainment Editor


35-year-old De’Mario Monte Thornton, best known as Raz-B from boy band B2K, has allegedly been discovered on OnlyFans; A social media platform that allows you to receive payments directly from your followers in exchange for your posted content. The singer and part founding member of the group had an eye-opening interview late last year with The Breakfast Club where he opened up about his drama with B2K and why he quit the group. B2K went on a reunion tour last year called the “The Millennium Tour” that became one of the most successful in 2019 as the group reportedly racked up just over $5 million.

So why has Raz-B created an OnlyFans page?

Raz-B made allegations for years about being victim of sexual assault by ex-manager, Chris Stokes, early in his career and even went as far as pushing for a “Surviving Chris Stokes’ tell all documentary/movie. The singer threatened to leave “The Millennium Tour” early after Chris Stokes was said to make him uncomfortable when around. Most recently Raz-B shared with Bossip that he is working on a project called “Full Disclosure” as he clears up all rumors and tells his story in full with no holds barred.

Regardless of his reasoning, Raz-B is not the only celebrity that has joined the newest social media platform OnlyFans, as Safaree has been reported to also have a page of his own.


Are you here for the full story from Raz-B on what really went on during B2K’s prime?

Will you pay $19.99 to view Raz-B’s OnlyFans page?

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