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Fan throws shoe at Jack Harlow, during concert [VIDEO]

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Fan throws shoe at Jack Harlow, during concert [VIDEO]

Fan throws shoe at Jack Harlow during concert 

Over the past two years, Jack Harlow has become one of the biggest stars in the music industry. He originally blew up in 2020, with the success of his “What’s Poppin” single. He soon followed that up with his debut studio album at the end of that year, with That’s What They All Say.

Last month, Jack Harlow also scored his first number one solo single, with “First Class.” That record sampled Fergie’s 2006 “Glamorous” single. “First Class” has been dominant on social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Jack Harlow’s sophomore album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, is also coming on May 6.

Last night though, Jack Harlow performed at UMass Lowell, and had an interesting experience on stage. A fan randomly attempted to throw a shoe at Jack Harlow, but Harlow luckily avoided getting hit. After that, Jack Harlow calmly asked who threw the Adidas at him. It didn’t seem that the fan got pointed out in that situation, though. Jack Harlow seemed to simply be basking in the success he’s been having, as his upcoming album may top the charts, as well.

Fan throws shoe at Jack Harlow during concert 

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