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Facebook will not charge for New Profiles

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Facebook will not charge for New Profiles

FacebookBy Insightful Guru
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Facebook has gone through a number of changes, over the course of 2011. However, the most-recent changes have been the most blatant. Most people, who initially joined Facebook for its simplicity, have grown upset with the site.

If the changes, which now include a timeline, were not enough, there were reports of Facebook charging its members. There were similar rumors in 2009 and 2010. The previous rumors led to Facebook posting on its site ‘it’s free and always will be.’

The popularity of Facebook has helped people in different fields advance. Facebook’s ability to plug in with different sites have helped independent artists connect with fans in ways that would have previously been impossible. While many artists have been highly successful through Facebook, many were ready to leave the social networking site.

However, the rumors of Facebook charging for their services are completely false. The Facebook main page still has the ‘it’s free and always will be’ message up.

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