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Fabolous wants Jay-Z and Nas to do Mixtapes

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Fabolous wants Jay-Z and Nas to do Mixtapes

Fabolous IIBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

While he never quite took over the game the way many had predicted him to, Fabolous has been a fixture on the mixtape scene. Early in his career, Fab’s style was comparable to another Brooklyn rapper, Jay-Z. During his time in the game, the relationship between Fab and Jay grew close.

Fabolous is signed to DJ Clue’s Desert Storm label and Clue also served as Jay-Z’s official DJ for years. In many ways, Fab had the style taught to him. Wanting to do something on his own, DJ Clue landed a deal with Elektra Records. But, when the label shut down, the crew moved to Atlantic Records.

Jay-Z soon brokered a deal in 2006 to get his former rival, Nas, and Desert Storm under Def Jam. At the time, Jay-Z served as the CEO of Def Jam. Ever since this time, Fabolous has had plenty of time with both rappers, but he has yet to share a track with Nas. However, Nas has given a lot of advice that Fabolous has used for his game. Having mastered the underground, Fab has advice for both Jay-Z and Nas.

Now, unable to release music every year, Jay-Z just puts out albums when he can and Nas no longer has the support of Jay-Z. Most rappers have turned to the mixtape scene because of the independence it gives them and the labels have no control over this. Jay-Z and Nas were fortunate to have the labels in their back pockets, but this is no longer the case. With his album coming in 2011, many fans are wondering what has happened to the Jay-Z of old, while many fans have almost quit on Nas. To keep this from happening, Fab suggests the rappers simply jump into the mixtape scene.

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