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Eminem hosts 100,000 spectators at his London show

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Eminem hosts 100,000 spectators at his London show

Eminem 8By Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When Eminem first began his career in Detroit, few people predicted how successful he would be. In fact, early on, Eminem struggled to find an audience for his music, but when he did he did not look back. Dr. Dre soon found Eminem, signed him, and the rest is history.

Currently, Dr. Dre is seen as the creator of many stars in hip hop, but his legacy was on the rocks until the Eminem deal. But, this brought more good fortune and confidence, helping make Dr. Dre the legend he is. Eminem, too, is a legend in his own right and he proved it when he performed in London.

In a climate where successful hip hop artists are lucky to sell 500,000 copies in total, Eminem does those numbers in his first week. At a time where artists struggle to fill clubs, Eminem maxes out stadiums. His recent show in London hosted 100,000 people, according to several posts online.

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