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Emee-Kay speaks on her singles, “Show Off” and “Serenity” being released on iTunes

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Emee-Kay speaks on her singles, “Show Off” and “Serenity” being released on iTunes

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The year of 2012 has been a dream come true for Emee-Kay, who went from being a part-time rapper to being signed to Lims Records. An independent label, Lims Records has become a top destination for West Coast artists who are looking for a record label dedicated to their needs. Yesterday, Emee-Kay released her first two singles under the label, “Show Off” and “Serenity.”

Emee-Kay has continued making a name for herself over the past few months and has built a solid fan base. With interest building in her overall style, she felt the time was right to release her first two singles. Following a few delays, Emee-Kay impacted iTunes with the release of “Show Off” and “Serenity.” The music videos for both singles have been filmed and released.

Things have picked up for Emee-Kay, who is often a video or photoshoots when she is not in the studio, recording new music. Building her brand, Emee-Kay has been making her media rounds and she spoke to Hip Hop Vibe about the release of her two singles and what comes next for her.

Read the entire interview below:

So, you finally released the two singles, “Show Off” and “Serenity” to iTunes, what does it feel like to have them out there? It feel so good, yesterday was such a good day. We finally took a step forward, the wait has been so long, it feels like forever and the reaction was great. It feels good to have them out.

When will the music videos for the songs be released? We’re not sure of the exact dates, but it will be sometime in the beginning of June. The videos are still being edited, but the fans will be updated because they are waiting.

How do you feel about the overall growth, thus far? I feel like things are moving quicker than we anticipated, which is a good thing. We have strong promotional outlets, which are working themselves out. Online, our presence is being felt and we’re excited to keep moving with it all. We have been all over the media, different hip hop magazines have been featuring us and it is very excited.

Do you feel famous yet? (Laughs) I guess I do, it’s an attitude, right? I’m so focused, my brain is constantly going, so I never have time to stop and think about it. Right now, I’m so focused on the music, but having the famous attitude may be something to have. But, more than anything, I feel grateful.

How would you compare your online success to that of others, such as Kreayshawn? I would say, the way we are going about it is different from the way others have done it. We are starting out in Las Vegas and going completely from scratch. I am sure there are similarities between my movement and Kreayshawn, when it comes down to using the internet to get music out, but I believe our methods, aside from that, are different. But, social networking is definitely taking over and we have both used it to gain recongition.

Speaking of social networking, can you discuss the increase of Facebook “likes?” It is awesome, I started off by telling the people I knew to like the page, now it is just random people from all over the world who like the page, so it is starting to spread. I am checking it all the time and I am always blown away by the support.

With a rapidly-growing fan base, two singles out, and two videos in the works, what comes next for you? Well, we are going to focus on the promotion of these two singles. It is important to take as much time as possible to focus on what has already been released. Next month, a new single called “Do You Know?” will be released and the summer compilation CD will be released and Dr. Dre will be featured on it. We will have two singles on this compilation and it is an honor to be featured on the same CD as Dr. Dre, we will keep the fan base updated.

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