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Droop-E releases “Hungry & Humble” EP track listing

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Droop-E releases “Hungry & Humble” EP track listing

Droop-EBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

To all of the people who love that Bay Area West Coast sound, they owe a great deal of gratitude to Droop-E. He has produced for many of the biggest Bay Area rappers in the game. The main two Bay Area artists have turned to Droop-E for hits, Too $hort and E-40, solidifying his legacy.

Through it all, Droop-E remains reminded of a phrase his father often would use, “hungry and humble.” Droop-E’s father told him those were they keys to success and he has kept it with him his entire life. So, with Droop-E preparing to release his debut solo project, he chose to release Hungry & Humble.

Droop-E is preparing to release Hungry & Humble next week on July 16. This project is going to feature appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Cousin Fik, J-Stalin, and many others. With the project on the way, Droop-E decided to drop the track listing today to show the world what he’s working with.

See the track listing below:

1) Ridin Solo [4:05]

Produced by DJ Toure

2) N The Traffic ft. Nite Jewel and J-Stali [4:00]

Produced by Droop-E

3) Rossi Wine ft. Kendrick Lamar [4:12]

Produced by Droop-E

4) Mobbin is My Profession ft. Cousin Fik, Choose Up Cheese, Kaveo and Work Dirty [4:20]

Produced by Droop-E

5) Intuition ft. Justin Copes [1:45]

Produced by Droop-E Bass by Justin Copes

6) Until The World End ft. R.O.D. [4:12]

Produced by Droop-E

7) Bout My Fedi [3:28]

Produced by Rick Rock

8) Hunger ft. McCLOUDVibe and Jeepers [5:03]

Produced by Droop-E

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