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Drake reveals drug use during interview with “The Guardian”

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Drake reveals drug use during interview with “The Guardian”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Often, Drake raps about being new to fame and adjusting to life as a rap star. Most of his songs deal with the burdens that come along with success. When he is not rapping about the latest romantic failure, Drake is rapping about smoking marijuana to cope. However, Drake’s music does not focus on the marijuana smoke, so he is not considered a “weed rapper.”

There has been plenty of media focus on Lil Wayne’s drug use. For years, Lil Wayne traveled with a cup in his hand. Many assumed Lil Wayne had syrup in his cup. On his songs, Lil Wayne admits to smoking excessive amounts of marijuana and being a drinker. But, following his prison stint, Wayne has been forced into sobriety.

Drake rhymes about the same things, but there has not been much media attention on his consumption. During an interview with United Kingdom’s The Guardian, Drake revealed he sips coedine, smokes marijuana, and drinks wine. But, Drake said he does this in moderation and is not into drugs, aside from the ones he mentioned.

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