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Drake assumes Corruption behind Lil Wayne’s arrest

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Drake assumes Corruption behind Lil Wayne’s arrest

It is no secret that black celebrities are targets in America. More than any other black stars that are targeted, rappers are among the top of the list. Not low-profile rappers, mainly the rappers that are on top of their game. In 2007, Lil Wayne picked up a gun and drug charge in New York. At the time, he was not that big of a star.

With his trial not starting until later that year, Lil Wayne would soon become the biggest star in the game. The New Orleans rapper was not sentenced until after the release of Tha Carter III. Before the release of this album, Wayne was popular. However, after this album came out, there was no denying that fact.

More than likely, one of the main reasons that Wayne was sentenced to three years behind bars was because he was on top of his game. In the months before he went to prison, Wayne released two successful albums. The aim was to try and slow his run down. If that is not the case, that is what Drake feels.

Drake said that the aim of getting Lil Wayne behind bars was to make an example out of him because of his success in the rap game. There are many other lower-profile people who carry concealed weapons in the city of New York. New York City has the strictest gun laws in the nation, but people are caught with guns in the city on a daily basis. Because they do not carry the name of Lil Wayne, they get off on lighter sentences. Drake feels that Lil Wayne did not deserve what he got. He said that if it were another person, they would have gotten off with a lighter sentence.

There are a lot of truths spoken by Drake on this topic. Everything that he said is what black people have been saying for decades. For people of other races, they can rise to the top without the media trying to bring them down, along with the law enforcement. But, then when a person such as Lil Wayne rises from the bottom to the top, any mistake that is made turns into a felony.

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