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DJ YRS Jerzy becomes SKE Records’ DJ

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DJ YRS Jerzy becomes SKE Records’ DJ

DJ YRS Jerzy 4By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Talented Minds do think alike, as DJ YRS Jerzy and Q the Question have worked closely together over the past two months. First, the two tag-teamed their Jerzy’s Evolution mixtape and now they have joined forces for their upcoming Talented Minds mixtape series is on the works. SKE Records has been impressed with the work of DJ YRS Jerzy and they have now added him to their roster.

SKE Records is known as the company that is owned and operated by Q the Question and Trel Mack, who doubles as the flagship artist of the label. Trel Mack enjoyed a strong run in 2012, which included the release of hisEP, Inspired by Greatness. In 2013, Trel Mack has much more planned and will likely release a new mixtape with DJ YRS Jerzy.

But, for the meantime, the only thing that can be accounted for is DJ YRS Jerzy joining the SKE Records roster. DJ YRS Jerzy has changed the dynamics of the game with his various projects, which include management. Working with many different figures, DJ YRS Jerzy has many more mixtapes set to be released this year.

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