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DJ Louie Styles is working on Ebone Hoodrich tribute mixtape

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DJ Louie Styles is working on Ebone Hoodrich tribute mixtape

DJ Louie Styles 10By DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Fellow Hip Hop Vibe member, DJ Louie Styles, is always doing his thing and he is a lover of all music. A lot of his buzz built from his work with SODMG, but DJ Louie Styles also has a fan base in Chicago. This fan base was brought to Hip Hop Vibe when he interviewed Boss Baka and TTB Nez.

Ebone Hoodrich is one of the main Chicago artists DJ Louie Styles was working with and he has a ton of mixtapes under his belt. But, Ebone Hoodrich ran into some tough situations. These situations have led to Ebone Hoodrich being in jail and unable to continue his music career right now.

Because Ebone Hoodrich is unable to get out here and create music the way he did when he built his fan base, DJ Louie Styles decided to help him out. Currently, he is working on a mixtape in tribute to Ebone Hoodrich. No release date is set, but the mixtape cover is out now.

See the Free Ebone Hoodrich mixtape cover below:

Free Ebone Hoodrich

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