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Diddy and Rick Ross accused of terrorizing woman, kidnapping her sister and daughter, woman claims to be Diddy’s biological child

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Diddy and Rick Ross accused of terrorizing woman, kidnapping her sister and daughter, woman claims to be Diddy’s biological child

Diddy 11By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Some bizarre stories hit the internet on a daily basis, but sometimes bizarre stories end up being true, i.e. Caitlyn Jenner. However, this new story about Diddy and Rick Ross is very far-fetched. A woman is claiming that Diddy and Rick Ross kidnapped her sister and later daughter.

Princess Cooper is the woman’s name and she went on Facebook, claiming to have information on Diddy assaulting the UCLA coach. Naming several people as childhood friends, the woman says her children are there. She says her daughter and sister are in Atlanta and Alabama, respectively.

The woman claims others, including Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and even the president, Barack Obama, are in on this nefarious plot. As her rant goes on, she defends Mark Wahlberg, claiming he is not racist. Also penning an open letter, the woman claims she is the biological daughter of Diddy and that he used to be active in her life before he became famous.

Read the Facebook posts below:


Read the open letter below:

Dear Governor Charlie Baker,
My name is Princess Brittney Cooper and I am humbly writing this letter to you as support for Mark Wahlberg’s petition for pardon. It is imperative that you grant Mark this request so he can join the LAPD and seek justice on behalf of myself and family.
Mark Wahlberg has been a friend of my family for over 20 years now. First and foremost, I want it to be clear that Mark is not racist. I have witnessed his character as a human being behind the scenes and I know that he believes in equality. It is disheartening to read such socially damaging accusations created by biased journalists with ulterior motives.
Most of these so called journalists perpetuating the intended racial division have bought into the hype of extremist separation or have been paid off by entities with hateful goals of disturbing the peace. American media has been under attack by a group of Islamic extremists who disguise themselves through a forged representation of “Zionist” views which create violent and destructive headlines to destroy the character of wholesome and upstanding citizens who refuse to support their views. This group goes by the facade of Great Millstone, and they are headquartered in New York and Israel with several leaders, smaller and larger groups constantly expanding throughout the world. Great Millstone provides Islamic style brainwashing to new recruits through funding from their leaders within the music industry. This funding and training is then funneled into use for terrorism on a global scale.
I am aware of these crimes first hand because I have personally been physically, s3xually, and financially abused by these monsters. Over the course of my existence, I have endured countless attacks of racial hatred by these gangsters simply because I do not support reverse racism. I have been r*ped because of accusations that I was “whitewashed” while growing up in and attending private or public schools that were predominantly white or multicultural in a neighborhood called Laguna. They have physically beat me several times for having a child by a white man, then took my daughter from me in Orange County, California because they believed she was being “whitewashed”. Unfortunately, whenever I report these incidents to the police, the report is destroyed and there is no investigation or follow up. This is how I am certain that ISIS has successfully infiltrated some of our country’s best law enforcement agencies and government offices. Their goal is to destroy government systems, and social order, then replace it with their imposed Islamic beliefs.
Three of the main masterminds behind these crimes against humanity are Kanye West, Barack Hussein Obama, and Sean Combs. Mark has maintained a connection to these violent thugs through his personal and business partnerships with Sean Combs. Mark is a witness as well as a victim to many of the tortuous incidents I am addressing in this letter. Yet, Mark has managed to stand up for what he believes is right and f!ght for fairness and equality even if it caused his life to be in danger. In my time of trouble, I have found peace and safety within Mark’s community of family, friends, and organizations. Most specifically, the Good Shepherd Catholic Church located in Beverly Hills as well as the Good Shepherd Women’s housing facility. If it wasn’t for the Good Shepherd, I would be homeless on the street because Shawn, Sean, and Kayne have sabotaged my livelihood, reputation, and stability due to my rejection of separatists’ views. They have also paid off members of my family to cooperate with their schemes and lie on me, thus destroying my credibility.
When I am around people within Mark’s network, they literally treat me like royalty. They spoil me with an abundance of genuine love, kindness, encouragement, and respect. The world needs more people like Mark Wahlberg and the amazing groups and organizations that he financially supports. I can say unequivocally that the comfort and care I gain from trusting Mark has literally saved my life. Without Mark, Sean may have gotten away with murdering me a long time ago.
My biological father is Sean Combs. Sean was an active father in my life before he became famous. I spent every day with him and my grandfather Cornelius. His views of racism, and being embraced and protected by the NAACP as well as the New Black Panthers prevented him from claiming me as his own child because my biological mother has a French European background. Consequently, my twin sister and I were separated at age 3 and forced to live in different states when I became privately adopted. At this point, Sean moved my entire family from Houston to San Francisco where he bought a home with his father around the corner from the house he purchased for my adopted parents. However, I have been disowned by my family because my friend Theresa and I have refused to keep the secret that we were s3xually a.ssaulted by him, his father Cornelius Taylor, and my adopted parents Julie Smith, and Eugene Hardy. When I tried to report them while living in Sacramento in 2001, I was forced to move to Birmingham where I had absolutely no friends or anybody willing to protect me from the abuse that became worse when I moved. I was isolated, beat, r*ped, terrified, and scared into silence.
What the world doesn’t know about Sean is that he legally changed his name from Christian Taylor because his biological father, Cornelious Taylor Sr. is a convicted pedophile. In fact, I grew up believing he was just a friend of the family, and did not find out he was my father until Donald Cooper (my other other step father) informed me that Sean is my real dad during a heated family argument in November of 2012. Unfortunately, I have been trying to report Sean without any success since 2001. My step parents, Julie and Eugene Hardy were paid off to kidnap me, remain silent and take any children I give birth to away from me to prevent me from cooperating with law enforcement. On many occasions, Julie herself would slip date r*pe drugs into my drink and hold me down while one of them r*ped me and I was threatened to be k!lled or my son Prince would be murdered if I ever told. Julie and Eugene have lived a very opulent and lavish life from s3xually trafficking me, so much so that both of them quit their jobs and it is their entire source of income.
When it comes to justice, Sean and Kayne have infiltrated and manipulated the Obama Administration , LAPD, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office, and DCFS through an elaborate scheme and ISIS intimidation. I know this because I have worked directly with the Obama Administration and Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office since 2007. When I filed for divorce from their friend Reginald Lofton, they successfully kidnapped my daughter and manipulated the justice system. They have bullied and manipulated various people in Hollywood and the L.A. Superior Court through blackmail, bribery, and fear tactics. Shawn Carter hired his relative Yvonne Carter to manipulate the judge with false reports and recommendations against me. Yvonne Carter was able to convince the judge that I am illiterate and incompetent, mentally too underdeveloped to care for a minor and claimed that I have no experience with caring for children. Yvonne Carter was fraudulently given permission by the judge to take my daughter on a plane to Birmingham to be temporarily cared for by Julie and Eugene although I still have legal custody. In actuality, I have been a professional childcare provider with exceptional references and a spotless employment record as an estate manager and political activist for over 7 years now. Shawn was convicted of attempting to murder his colleague when he randomly stabbed his friend Lance in the back with a knife one day right after my son was born because Sean Combs wanted to have Prince k!lled. Julie and Eugene agreed to privately adopt Prince since I was still a minor and they wanted to keep the facts of his conception a secret from the public for the sake of Shawn’s image.
In addition to my personal accounts of terrorism from these thugs, they have developed a successful strategy for causing riots and chaos globally. These three masterminds have orchestrated murderous events which were staged as police brutality but were actually premeditated drug wars through “black on black” violence. Craftily, they instigate gang violence to provoke the presence of police officers responding to high risk situations that could result in death by a cop. They also recruit and facilitate the brainwashing of sleeper cells that live within normal communities as undetectable citizens who infiltrate our economy and corrupt civilized businesses. When people disagree with the teachings of their Jewish Hebrew Israelite cult, they are treated as hostages at the mercy of an intricate terrorist system diminishing the integrity of our national security. These men are menaces to society that should be sent to Guantanamo Bay for their atrocities.
Other people and groups that have been wronged by these villains include Justin Timberlake (robbed and tortured), Amber Stallworth (shot), Stephanie Moseley (murdered), the entire UCLA Football team, Justin Combs (football bounty victim), Brett Hundley (harassed, tortured, football bounty victim), Drew Brees (football bounty victim, bounty scandal setup victim), Darian “Tank” Payne (football bounty victim), Ray and Janay Rice (elevator scandal setup), Johnathan Franklin (football bounty victim), Kobe Bryant (basketball bounty victim), Tupac Shakur (murdered), Nick Pasquale (murdered) and many others who simply refuse to admit that they have been harmed by these three as well as their accomplices Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Ray J, and Floyd Mayweather.
I am aware that this is a high expectation for one man, but I firmly believe that pardoning Mark Wahlberg can be the spark that changes the world. Over the past 10 years, I have watched Mark become a loving husband to his wife Rhea as well as a devoted father to their children. Behind the scenes, he spends all of his time nurturing the quality of his relationships with his immediate family as well as his family at home, and closes friends. Mark is able to do this, all while still making sure he gives back to the community in ways that he sees are necessities. Whether he’s helping to financially support battered women, or a.ssisting with housing for women in need of residency, Mark is always there. He has become an exceptional mentor to young people everywhere and I am grateful that he has been my hero at the times I needed help the most.
I think it is amazing how much Mark has contributed to the community and nobody is aware that he has given back, yet they are so quick to judge him when reading defamatory headlines. It is my hope that this letter becomes a tool for justice as well as lead the path to closure, ending the dysfunction imposed upon my family, friends, and myself. Nobody should be destroyed because of religious persecution, radical extremism, or racial destruction and division. I appreciate you taking the time to read my letter, and know you will make the right choice to grant Mark’s pardon so he can help LAPD catch the bad guys.

Thank you,
Princess Brittney Cooper

Hillary for America Alabama

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