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DC releases artwork for his new project, “Nothing Just Happens” [PHOTO]

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DC releases artwork for his new project, “Nothing Just Happens” [PHOTO]

DCBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

An artist on the West Coast who is becoming somebody to pay attention to is DC, who is from the Los Angeles area. Earlier this week, DC unleashed a new single, which he called “Built To Last” and it was highly successful. The song is actually one of the leads into his next project.

The new project is called Nothing Just Happens and DC has high hopes for the upcoming music. His buzz is already picking up and DC is making more big things happen. With this new project in the works, DC is doing all he can to make sure his audience is entertained.

While fans will have to wait on the release of the project, DC is going to continue giving them music. Along the way, DC also plans to put out the artwork for the new project. Earlier tonight, DC did just that, releasing the Nothing Just Happens project cover.

See the Nothing Just Happens cover below:

Nothing Just Happens

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