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Dapper Dan Speaks With 2 Chainz At #A3C19 On Getting Into Fashion Industry And Gucci Blackface Sweater Controversy [VIDEOS]


Dapper Dan Speaks With 2 Chainz At #A3C19 On Getting Into Fashion Industry And Gucci Blackface Sweater Controversy [VIDEOS]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Today was day five of the A3C Festival and Conference here in Atlanta ad Hip-HopVibe was in attendance for the most anticipated panel was the “History Of Fashion” which featured 2 Chainz and legendary fashion entrepreneur, Dapper Dan.

The Atlanta rapper asked Dan about coming up in his hometown of Harlem and his beginnings in the fashion industry. One of the biggest names to first go into his store in Harlem was Mike Tyson, who Dan also mentioned got into a fight there with someone. From that point though, Dan’s store took off in popularity and spread like wildfire. He now works closely with Gucci and previously other high-end fashion brands.

Back in February, Gucci caught heat for selling a sweater resembling blackface which historically mocks black people. Rappers such as T.I. led boycotts against the high-profile designer brand and many people still don’t support them anymore due to the level of disrespect. Of course, 2 Chainz had to ask Dan about this situation.

Dan says the representatives from met him in Harlem snd he said they had to make up for the sweatshirt. Gucci started to utilize their Changemakers program more where they support industry change and foster unity through community action. As noted following the incident, they made changes in their diversity department by hiring leaders in different countries. Dan added that it’s still up to people if they want to continue their boycotts.

At this point, Gucci hasn’t fully received the support back from the black community and others in general for that racist sweater. Dapper Dan has done his best to try to fix their image though. Check out he and 2 Chainz speaking at A3C below.

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