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Daniel Bellomy turns up in the club, after Zeke gets killed off of “Power” #ImReadyChallenge

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Daniel Bellomy turns up in the club, after Zeke gets killed off of “Power” #ImReadyChallenge

Daniel Bellomy parties after Zeke got killed off of Power

Throughout his run on “Power,” Daniel Bellomy has also been releasing original music. The world knows him best for playing Zeke, but Daniel Bellomy is also a rising singer. Few people realized this, until the video went viral of him dancing to his music in the club. How he was dancing turned Bellomy into a meme, again.

Daniel Bellomy was actually the first character introduced on “Power Book II: Ghost.” Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) had to tutor him to stay in school. Instead, Tariq got in with his family, joining their business. Last week, many fans correctly predicted Bellomy’s Zeke would get killed off. Some felt this is why Bellomy was promoting his music.

The night Zeke was killed off of “Power,” Daniel Bellomy was back in the club. He was filmed turning up to his single, “I’m Ready.” Clearly, Daniel Bellomy had something good in his system. As he was turning up, Daniel Bellomy said this was the “I’m Ready” challenge. Now, it’s become its own hashtag, the #ImReadyChallenge. The fans got a kick out of seeing Daniel Bellomy turning up to his song. Bellomy will make sure the Zeke memes live on.

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