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Damon Dash regained the rights to “Reasonable Doubt” after Jay-Z signed 360 deal

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Damon Dash regained the rights to “Reasonable Doubt” after Jay-Z signed 360 deal

Damon Dash 8By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When it comes to money, different people have different opinions on it. Some label it the root of all evil, some want enough to live comfortably, some would be happy with a million, and some want it all. Wanting it all is what led Damon Dash and Jay-Z to each other, landed their goals, and what, ironically, drove them apart.

Ownership is something that is very important to both men and during the height of their run with Def Jam via Roc-A-Fella Records, they had a partnership. But, Def Jam offered considerably more money to Jay-Z to sell out and work for them. This signaled the beginning of the end, as Jay-Z split from Dash and later Def Jam.

Jay-Z, of course, left Def Jam and signed on with Live Nation to run Roc Nation, which was a tremendous success. While Jay-Z is the half a billion dollar man and hard times hit Damon Dash, financially, Dash took pride in still owning things. Now, it looks like Damon Dash owns the rights to Reasonable Doubt, what he wanted a decade ago in exchange for Jay-Z leaving, as he signed a 360 deal and gave up his rights, according to Dash’s Instagram.

See Damon Dash’s Instagram photo below:


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