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Da Internz speak on Nas’ new single, “Daughters”

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Da Internz speak on Nas’ new single, “Daughters”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The official artwork for Nas’ next single, “Daughters,” was released earlier this week. Nas has been working on his tenth studio album, Life is Good, for well over a year. For a while, it seemed as if the album would be released in 2011. However, Nas stopped discussing the album and the year went by without an album from Nas.

Nas is working with a team of up-and-comers for his latest album. Among the rising producers Nas is working with include Da Internz. A few years ago, Da Internz produced the single, “Move (If You Wanna)” for Mims. While the song was not a breakout hit, it opened doors for the Chicago producers.

Da Internz produced “The Don,” with assistance from Heavy D and they will also be producing “Daughters.” The duo said the album, which they provide a lot of production for, will remind fans of the early Nas. Da Internz have said such songs as “Daughters” will bring back the Nas of Illmatic and It Was Written.

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