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Cognac Gunna drops new single, “Pandemic Proof,” this week [VIDEO]

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Cognac Gunna drops new single, “Pandemic Proof,” this week [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

If there’s one person who does a little bit of everything, it is Cognac Gunna. But, there is one thing he does a little bit better than everything else. That thing is make hit records and he has some classics under his belt.

Every era has its own situation, which marks the frame of time. Because of COVID-19, the pandemic is what this era will be known for. It should come as no surprise that somewhere Cognac Gunna used this to inspire his music.

Cognac Gunna, this week, has some new music that will be hitting the streets and the streaming services. His new single, “Pandemic Proof,” is coming shortly. Ahead of the single’s release, Cognac Gunna dropped the music video teaser.

Watch the entire video below:

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