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Chubby Jag denies having beef with Meek Mill on Vlad TV [VIDEO]

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Chubby Jag denies having beef with Meek Mill on Vlad TV [VIDEO]

Chubby JagBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The day after Christmas, Meek Mill managed to squeeze in a Cassidy diss. “Repo” was the name of the song, which not only targeted Cassidy, Meek Mill also took shots at his entire crew, Larsiny Family. After the song came out, Cassidy responded with “Raid” and another diss came.

Larsiny Family’s Chubby Jag aimed at Meek Mill with “Worst Nightmare.” Simply the title of the song was a Meek Mill diss. During the fall, Meek Mill released his debut album, Dreams and Nightmares. A Los Angeles representative of the Larsiny Family, Chubby Jag went hard at Meek Mill.

Despite his diss record, Chubby Jag spoke on a different story when he stopped by and talked to Vlad TV. Chubby Jag admitted he does not have any beef with Meek Mill, but he was offended. When Meek Mill called the Larsiny Family “trash,” he took it personally and stuck up for himself and his team.

Watch the entire interview below:

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