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Christopher “Kid” Reid, from Kid ‘N Play, is Under Arrest

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Christopher “Kid” Reid, from Kid ‘N Play, is Under Arrest

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since dominating the rap game, and Hollywood, Kid ‘N Play have moved on with their careers. Play now lives in Durham, North Carolina, works as a professor, and has his own news series. Christopher “Kid” Reid, on the other hand, has been relatively silent. According to TMZ, Reid was active in 2010, when he was arrested for a DUI.

Apparently, Kid missed the court date and he a warrant is now out for his arrest. Earlier this year, Kid was involved in a similar situation. In July, he missed a court date, and he was sent to jail a month later. Kid said the situation was a misunderstanding and he has his lawyer fixing the situation. Reid played off the no-show, calling it a lack of communication.

One day, Kid hoped to return to the headlines, but he did not want to return in a negative light. Kid joins a growing number of rappers who have been arrested in recent weeks. The list includes DMX, Tyga, Tyler, the Creator, and several other rappers. All of the mentioned rappers appear to not have any prison time behind their release.

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