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Chris Brown still has feelings for Rihanna? [PHOTO]

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Chris Brown still has feelings for Rihanna? [PHOTO]

Chris Brown 15By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before all of the drama, Chris Brown and Rihanna were the teenage it couple. Both had good music dominating the charts and both had good kid images to protect that went out the window early in 2009. The world now sees them both for the imperfect human beings they are.

While they will never regain their “perfect” images, the world has gotten tons of good music from their new images. Chris Brown and Rihanna broke up and they have gone back-and-forth since then. In 2012, they came close to a reunion, but they did not get back to the way they were.

But, Chris Brown is on Instagram liking some photos of Rihanna’s with him in it. This has led to people speculating about this relationship all over again. Despite how it ended, Chris Brown and Rihanna meant something to each other for a long time, so one can only imagine that they will continue to.

See Chris Brown’s Instagram activity below:

Chris Brown IG

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