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Chris Brown directed Wale’s “Slight Work” music video

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Chris Brown directed Wale’s “Slight Work” music video

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Things have come full circle for Chris Brown, as he finds himself sitting upon the top of the R&B throne, the same position he was in three years ago. But, this journey has been more about redemption than remaining on top. Chris Brown and then-girlfriend, Rihanna, got into a very public fight, which left Rihanna with bruises. Legal trouble soon followed and Chris Brown was forced to break up with Rihanna.

Last year, Chris Brown managed to overcome all the hurdles and return to the top of the game. At the end of the day, the people cannot deny good music. A minor change took place with Brown, though. Early in his career, he presented himself as an all-around wholesome guy, which he was not. Because of this image, when Brown fell, the media jumped all over him. Chris Brown emerged and was now true to himself, delivering the first comeback hit, “Deuces,” but also providing hits like “She Ain’t You.”

What many have overlooked is how talented Chris Brown truly is. One of hip hop’s biggest artists of 2011 was Wale, who delivered a number of hits during the closing months. His success from 2011 has carried over into 2012, as he continues to promote the singles from his album. The most-recent music video from Wale was his Big Sean-assisted “Slight Work” music video. When the director was credited, however, no one paid attention to the director. Chris Brown, yes that Chris Brown, was the director of the music video. But, in the news all that can be heard is controversy about him collaborating with Rihanna again, after their public fallout.

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