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Choppa Zoe releases cover for “Spittin Fie: Reloaded” mixtape

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Choppa Zoe releases cover for “Spittin Fie: Reloaded” mixtape

Choppa Zoe 5By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Originally from South Florida, in West Palm Beach just north of Miami, Choppa Zoe began making a name for himself. He since relocated to New York City to focus on his music and some great things have transpired. Along with DJ Junior, Choppa Zoe is a part of Vice Music Group and has worked with Wyclef.

Choppa Zoe has seen doors open up as his music gains momentum. Recently, his new single “Me” debuted on V103 in Atlanta, their biggest radio station. It seems as though it is the right time for Choppa Zoe to put out a new project, so he is revisiting his previous effort, Spittin Fie, with Spittin Fie: Reloaded.

DJ Junior recently teamed up with DJ Young Shawn for the first time and they have come together to host Choppa Zoe’s Spittin Fie: Reloaded. As the mixtape is coming just in time for the holiday season, DJ Junior decided to give the mixtape cover out. The cover came out yesterday.

See the Spittin Fie: Reloaded mixtape cover below:


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