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Chamillionaire to release “Elevate” EP on February 12

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Chamillionaire to release “Elevate” EP on February 12

ElevateBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It looks as if Houston will be playing a major part in 2013’s hip hop year. Several artists are making major moves from the area. But, the last new artist to emerge from Houston and gain large amounts of commercial success was Chamillionaire. However, Cham’s run was short-lived and he has since returned to releasing mixtapes.

Since 2008, Chamillionaire has been working on his third studio album. Initially, the album was titled Venom, before later being changed to Poison. While title changes come and go, Chamillionaire has continued to deliver independent releases. Chamillionaire, yesterday, announced his new EP, Elevate.

Along with the EP announcement, Chamillionaire released the official artwork for his new release. Die hard fans of Chamillionaire have been waiting for some time for him to release a new project. Every now and again, a new song, video, or mixtape comes, and now Chamillionaire plans to release his latest project on February 12.

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