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Camille Paige, rising Detroit singer, missing

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Camille Paige, rising Detroit singer, missing

Camille PaigeBy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Stress is a natural part of life and it’s how a person deals with it that determines how they handle life. Historically, entertainers have not dealt well with stress and the vent in some of the worst ways. Reading the Facebook posts of Camille Paige, she seemed to be one very stressed out woman reaching her dreams of being an R&B star.

Striving to reach goals can become highly stressful and it can lead an otherwise sane, yet passionate person, to come off as crazy. On Camille Paige’s recent Facebook posts, she spoke of someone or something wanting her dead and killing herself. Her social media posts sounded very paranoid and stressed, even her Instagram exhibited low self esteem.

But, Camille Paige has now gone missing and all of this is being used as evidence to determine what has happened to her. Obviously, her family, friends, and fans hope she is alive and well, as does the Hip Hop Vibe staff. It does appear as if Camille Paige does have a bright future ahead of her with such a dedicated fan base.

See Camille Paige’s Facebook posts below:

Camille Page FB

Watch the video of Camille Paige below:


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