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Cakes on Deck: AGoff grabs onto a caked out girl in a bodysuit [PHOTO]

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Cakes on Deck: AGoff grabs onto a caked out girl in a bodysuit [PHOTO]

AgoffcashonigBy DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hard work with no play makes for a dull person, but this doesn’t apply to AGoff, as he continues to strive to be hip hop’s next big star. The SODMG rapper is not slowing down for anything and he continues to release new music. When he isn’t working on music, he is networking with superstars, but he takes time off.

Usually when AGoff is taking time off, he is sharing his pics on Instagram and counting his stacks. But, those who truly know success know money is only a small part of the spectrum. Money is going to come regardless and so will the women and this is what AGoff was enjoying tonight.

Apparently, some girls swung by the mansion and AGoff grabbed one to get in a photo with him. The minute this photo popped up, the headline basically wrote itself, because it is what it is. AGoff is living the life out there and those who watched him come up have to be happy for him.

See AGoff’s Instagram photo below:


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