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Brother Nature speaks on getting jumped, saying that nobody did anything to help, instead people only took their cameras out to film him

By Bossyy
Hip-HopVibe.com Staff Writer

Sadly, Brother Nature is the butt of jokes, to start this weekend. It’s all over a viral video of Brother Nature getting jumped, after getting into it, at a pizza restaurant. Unfortunately, Brother Nature got beaten by the same man who was taunting him.

Brother Nature earned his nickname for being kind to animals, shown in viral videos. It turns out, the brother is simply kind all across the board, as he didn’t even put up a fight. That didn’t stop the man from continuing to thrash him.

After getting roasted by social media, Brother Nature decided to speak out on things. While he didn’t throw off on anyone, Brother Nature did offer his two cents on things. Acknowledging the video that went viral of him getting jumped, he pointed out how nobody came to his defense, only coming to film the altercation.

Read Brother Nature’s tweet below:

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