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Boosie claims he made $1 million in one day, off “My Struggle” movie [VIDEO]

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Boosie claims he made $1 million in one day, off “My Struggle” movie [VIDEO]

Boosie said he made $1 million in first day with My Struggle movieIn his career, Boosie has played all kinds of position. Those who don’t understand it don’t appreciate the level of legend that he is. But, those who understand the Deep South definitely sympathize with his gritty lyrics, and understand why he does what he does.

Boosie doesn’t need to have radio hits, or to top the charts, in order to sell out shows. All around the country, he does that just by being himself. While he still puts music out, fans tune into him just to see what antics he has, mainly his ongoing feud with Instagram.

After blasting Instagram for removing him, again, Boosie has released his My Struggle movie. During a recent interview, with VladTV, he spoke on the sales of the movie. He claims the movie made $1 million, in the first day, as it has cameos from many of the big, younger, stars in the game.

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