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Boosie runs in the snow, wearing his underwear [VIDEO]

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Boosie runs in the snow, wearing his underwear [VIDEO]

Boosie runs in the snow wearing his underwearBoosie runs in the snow wearing his underwear

Few people saw Boosie being one of the biggest names in hip hop, in 2021. But, his transition into being a social commentator made it happen. On Instagram, Boosie has become known for always having his account deleted. It got so bad that he threatened the CEO.

Boosie’s Instagram antics are one thing, but his situation with Lil Nas X is an entirely different situation. Last year, Lil Nas X mounted his comeback, and he embraced his sexuality. As he embraced this, he drew harsh criticisms from Boosie, who always responded to him.

Eventually, Lil Nas X began trolling Boosie, which led to a really tense situation. Whatever the case, Boosie found himself in one of the oddest beefs in hip hop history. Eventually, Boosie put an end to the drama, when he shared a video of himself playing one of Nas X’s songs. When he was asked about it, Boosie said he doesn’t hate Nas X. While Boosie dislikes what Lil Nas X promotes, he doesn’t hate him for it. It’s been months since Boosie and Nas X have encountered each other.

Boosie, like the rest of the East Coast, has had to deal with this snow. How Boosie handled it was running outside in his underwear.

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