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#BlackLivesMatter protesters get run over by person driving SUV [VIDEO]

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#BlackLivesMatter protesters get run over by person driving SUV [VIDEO]

blacklivesmattersuvvidBy Rickelle Lee
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It is disgusting what has happened over the past few years and what continues to happen. The #BlackLivesMatter movement only began after so many unjust murders of black people. While black-on-black crime is prominent, now cops murdering blacks is just as prominent.


After what happened in Charlotte, people have organized to protest the latest murders. Not everyone is happy about this, in fact, some are actually for the murders. It would take a person like that to do what they did, this afternoon.

In the middle of protesting, some people soon found themselves ducking out of the way. A person driving an SUV got tired of waiting, so they took matters into their own hands. Cruelly, they ran over people who are frustrated only because they have had enough of the wrongdoing.

Watch the entire video via Fameolous below:

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