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Birdman announces new Cash Money film, “Rich Gang”

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Birdman announces new Cash Money film, “Rich Gang”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Cash Money Records have proven they are much more than the run of the mill independent record label. Initially established as a record label to help New Orleans-area rappers gain exposure, Cash Money Records landed a multi-million dollar deal with Universal Records. It has been fifteen years since the deal was established and Cash Money Records has been on top, fallen off, and has returned to the top.

Early in the major label run of Cash Money Records, the label ventured into films. In these films the artists signed to the label had starring roles. During this time, many crew-like record labels were completing films. Cash Money Records had several films released in the early 2000s. Following the erosion of the Cash Money roster, the label stopped focusing on films and got more music released.

Back on top of the rap game and home to well over a dozen of the most-popular rappers in the game, Birdman announced Cash Money Films was back in action. During an interview with XXL, Birdman revealed the first new film from Cash Money would be titled Rich Gang. Birdman described the film as a 2012 Balla Blockin with Lil Wayne being the central star of the movie. Much like how the label is set up, everyone signed to Cash Money Records will be in the film, but the focal point will be Lil Wayne.

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