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Big Sean responds to Ludacris

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Big Sean responds to Ludacris

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since Ludacris last truly dominated the game, many big names have come and gone. Big Sean has been among the most-recent artists to come. Signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, Big Sean assumed all was well between he and Ludacris. On West’s College Dropout debut, Ludacris performed on one of the songs off the album.

In 2004, Ludacris had a dominant year and he began focusing on his business ventures. In the eyes of some hip hop fans, Ludacris had gone soft. His 2006 album, Release Therapy, was met with positive reviews, but his follow-up was not. During this time, Ludacris even admitted he was close to retiring to focus on his businesses.

Initially, Battle of the Sexes was to be a collaborative album between Ludacris and Shawnna, a longtime female rapper under Ludacris’ DTP label. The album had been promised for years and Ludacris was finally ready to release it in 2009. However, during the recording of the album, Shawnna abruptly left the label and signed with Nappy Boy.

Left alone, Ludacris was forced to record the album alone, so he turned it into his next solo album. It was during this period of time when Ludacris fell back in love with hip hop. Currently, Ludacris is working on his next album, which he intially planned to release in 2010 and promised would not be released any later than 2011. Holding fans over until he releases his next album, Ludacris released his 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape.

In the time since Ludacris last released an album, Drake and Big Sean have been among the artists to emerge and reign supreme over the hip hop game. Big Sean and Drake collaborated in 2009 and Sean accused Drake of stealing his rhyming style in “Forever,” among other tracks. Not trying to sound angry, Big Sean claimed he originated the style and also accused Ludacris of biting the flow. Drake also came out and confirmed this.

Ludacris returned with his “Bada Boom” track, which does everything except for call Big Sean and Drake out by name. Big Sean has now responded to the diss. When asked about the track, Big Sean said he was not sure if Ludacris dissed him or not. After all, Big Sean said he did not hear his name mentioned. Big Sean said Ludacris was referring to an interview he did a year ago, in which he also referred to the DTP boss as a legend. Still, Big Sean says he has no problems with Ludacris.

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