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Bangladesh calls Swizz Beatz “irrelevant”

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Bangladesh calls Swizz Beatz “irrelevant”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2008, Bangladesh rose to fame, producing Lil Wayne’s summer smash, “A Milli,” off his breakthrough album, Tha Carter III. The song went on to have a major impact, as many other rappers made their own version of the single. “A Milli” went on to open many doors for Bangladesh, as he produced for a number of other artists.

Bangladesh would also engage Lil Wayne in a lawsuit, before producing another major hit for him, “6 Foot 7 Foot.” After going through another legal battle with the popular rapper, Bangladesh entered a deal with Cash Money Records. In the eyes of many, Bangladesh is one of the biggest producers in the game.

Given his current string of hits, Bangladesh is feeling very confident about himself, so confident, he referred to Swizz Beatz as “irrelevant.” Bangladesh said Swizz Beatz, personally, is relevant. But, when it comes to music, he is not because he has not been making hits the way he used to. Swizz Beatz, however, produced “Summer on Smash” for Nas, which is on Life is Good.

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