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B.o.B. talks 2011 feud with Tyler, the Creator during “GQ” interview

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B.o.B. talks 2011 feud with Tyler, the Creator during “GQ” interview

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One year after he burst onto the scene, led by his Bruno Mars-assisted “Nothin’ on You” single, B.o.B. found himself the target of a joke by Tyler, the Creator. The game changed and Tyler, the Creator was one of the new artists to benefit from this. Since 2009, Tyler, the Creator had been releasing music and insulting anyone who infuriated, or even annoyed him just because he could. It turns out Bruno Mars’ music really annoys Tyler, the Creator, enough so he said he would commit suicide if he won an award over him.

Last year, around this time, the hip hop world was still picking their collective jaw up off the ground following the release of Tyler, the Creator’s single, “Yonkers,” and the video. The lyrics of the song were filled with disses, including a controversial diss aimed at Jesus Christ. B.o.B. was labeled a “fagot nigga” by Tyler, who wanted to crash his “fucking airplane,” a jab at his other 2010 hit, “Airplanes.” The worst of the disses were aimed at Bruno Mars, as Tyler, the Creator mentioned stabbing him in the asophogas.

Bruno Mars laughed the disses off, but B.o.B. had a very hostile response. At the time, not many pictured B.o.B. as a confrontational rapper. Over the next few weeks, they would be surprised. B.o.B. released a response diss, “No Future,” where he dissed the entire Odd Future outfit. Among the names B.o.B. called them were “faggots,” “beginners,” and “clown niggas.” Since “No Future,” the beef has seemingly ended. Tyler, the Creator has focused his disses nearly solely on Bruno Mars (and Lil’ Zane of course), meanwhile B.o.B. is getting the world ready for his Strange Clouds album.

During an interview with GQ, B.o.B. was asked about his beef with Tyler, the Creator. B.o.B. explained, saying Tyler, the Creator heard him on the radio and decided to diss him. Despite the role he played in the feud, B.o.B. said he did not feel like it was going to escalate. Looking back on it, B.o.B. feels what happened was “kinda lame.” While saying beef was lame, B.o.B. had one more diss, though. B.o.B.’s latest diss was aimed at the art of beef, itself. B.o.B. said he is not going to use his energy to diss some random person because beef is pointless.

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