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Azealia Banks prepares “1991” EP for April release

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Azealia Banks prepares “1991” EP for April release

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Following years of stagnation, hip hop is currently going through a resurgence. Two years ago, female rappers and New York hip hop both received a much-needed boost in the form of Nicki Minaj. While Nicki Minaj proved to be very entertaining, it would take more than one person to fill all the voids. Last year, the West Coast hip hop scene also saw several new faces take over the game.

Currently, there is new energy surrounding the New York hip hop scene, undoubtedly led by French Montana. Out of The Bronx, French Montana and Fred the Godson are making national names for themselves. While French Montana is the most-popular New York rapper, there are more Harlem emcees who are making noise.

Representing Harlem is A$AP Rocky, 9 Milly, and Azealia Banks. The latter has been very vocal, early in her career. Azealia Banks caused an internet frenzy when she called Iggy Azaela out over the similarities in their names. While she is willing to stand up for herself, Banks’ buzz is not coming from her Twitter beef. Instead, Azealia Banks’ music is what is leading people to talk about her. Another rap star born in the 1990s, Azealia Banks, is preparing her upcoming EP, which is properly titled 1991.

Addressing her 1991 EP, Azealia Banks said the project will feature two new tracks, “1991” and “Grand Prix.”

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