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‘Atlanta’ Season 3 Looking to Return To FX in January 2021 With Season 4 Airing That Fall

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‘Atlanta’ Season 3 Looking to Return To FX in January 2021 With Season 4 Airing That Fall

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

‘Atlanta’ on FX has been one of the most popular television series in pop culture ever since it first aired in September of 2016. Fans continue to be entertained by the acting by Donald Glover as Earn, who manages rapper, Paper Boi, as this role is played by Brian Tyree Henry. Lakeith Stanfield playa the role of of Earn and Paper Boi’s friend while Zazie Beatz is Earn’s girlfriend as they always have an up and down relationship. Season two finally made its return in March of 2018 and concluded in May of that year.

Season three has been met with scheduling conflicts by Glover and cast members but now, everything is looking like they’re falling in place with this along with season four. According to Deadline, FX Networks Chairman, John Landgraf, was recently at the At the Winter TCA press tour and delivered the good news about when the next two seasons will finally arrive.

Landgraf told Glover that he’d be all good with a 10-episode season 3 and an eight-episode season 4. Landgraf added that the episodes will be shot “in sequence” with locations outside of the United States. As many remember, at the end of season two, Earn and Paper Boi were flying overseas for concerts. The plan for now is for season 3 to air in January of 2020 and season 4 to follow that fall.

It’s great that the fans finally have more insight as to when one of the best shows on TV will be back. It’s sure to continue to post huge ratings again as well. Check out a flip of the conclusion of season 2 below.

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