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Astroworld Festival Refunds, Could Possibly Come With Being Required to Sign Away Rights, To Sue

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Astroworld Festival Refunds, Could Possibly Come With Being Required to Sign Away Rights, To Sue

Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival continues to get hammered, with over 100 lawsuits. 10 people have also died now, from their injuries. The latest was 9-year-old Ezra Blount, on Sunday night. He was on life support, and suffered brain and organ damage.

There has also been discussions about full refunds, for all Astroworld Fest attendees. Legal experts are analyzing these, and they are aware that these refunds may come with fans waiving their rights to sue Travis Scott, Live Nation the festival, and its organizers.

Personal injury attorney Neama Rahmanim of West Coast Trial Lawyers, has since weight in, and emphasized that people absolutely need to read the fine print.

“Courts generally uphold those types of waivers. The classic case is arbitration agreements. Everyone kind of scrolls through. No one reads the fine print, and guess what, you’ve waived your right to a jury trial, waived your right to file a lawsuit, to demand arbitration.”

Carmen Roe, a legal analyst, also spoke at a radio station, in Houston, where the festival took place. She emphasized that terms need to be spotted, such as “waiver,” “consent” or “agreement. She also added that refunds should not be requiring any form of signature, in order to be processed.

“Refunds should not come with a signature. So, in this particular case, Live Nation has suggested they’re going to refund these people, and that this is all going to be on the up and up. That shouldn’t require their signature under any circumstances.”

Day two of Astroworld Festival went on to get canceled, after the chaotic events, of the first day. Over 300 people were injured in total, with many still recovering from their injuries.

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