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Asher Roth teams up with Nottz and Travis Barker for “Rawther” EP

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Asher Roth teams up with Nottz and Travis Barker for “Rawther” EP

By The Hip Hop Writer
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Known as a white rapper, Asher Roth was immediately compared to Eminem, like all other white rappers. Like many other white rappers, Asher Roth’s style was nothing like Eminem’s. However, the difference in style was overlooked when Asher Roth spit his first rhyme, as his voice sounded eerily identical to Eminem’s. recently caught up with Asher Roth and he announced he was headed into the studio with Nottz and Travis Barker for a new body of work. While this is Asher Roth’s first time working with Travis Barker, he has worked with Nottz before.

The name of their joint EP is called Rawther and Asher Roth discussed the sound of the new project, saying: “We’re doing another tape called Rawther. Travis Barker is on the drums, and it’s just like so stupid. He’s trying all these new things and messing around…The new stuff that we’re doing is…I don’t even know if you can classify it as Hip Hop. It’s almost Rock music that’s coming from the boom bap, and there’s elements of psychedelic trip Rock [laughs]. I don’t even know. Nottz is such a mad scientist.”

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