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Asher Roth talks “Pabst & Jazz” and Collaborations with Pete Rock and DJ Premier with

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Asher Roth talks “Pabst & Jazz” and Collaborations with Pete Rock and DJ Premier with

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Recently, Asher Roth sat down with to discuss a number of topics. The world met Asher Roth late in 2008 and were properly introduced to him in 2009, with the release of Asleep in the Bread Aisle. In the time since then, Asher Roth has been out of the public eye. Signed to Loud Records, Asher Roth was instrumental in reviving the label. Asher Roth will be a major part of the next step in the revival of the label, also.

Last month, Loud Records announced Asher Roth’s sophomore album would be released on Def Jam. Later, it was revealed Loud and Def Jam had entered into a partnership agreement. As the fans wait on Asher Roth to release his second album, he has continued to give them mixtapes. His most-recent mixtape release was his Pabst & Jazz project. Asher Roth revealed to that all of the waiting has been frustrating, so he decided to release material on his own.

When Asher Roth’s sophomore project, Is This Too Orange?, was first announced, there were rumors of the project receiving input from Pete Rock and DJ Premier. asked Asher Roth about their involvement, he said he does not know what the future holds. However, Asher Roth did say he and DJ Premier spoke and had a conversation about the NFL’s Houston Oilers (now Tennessee Titans), he also mentioned having a studio session with Q-Tip, along with sending text messages to Pete Rock.

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