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Ariana Grande Caught Kissing Random Stranger in a Northridge Bar


Ariana Grande Caught Kissing Random Stranger in a Northridge Bar

By Prince Hakeem 

Let the latest incarnation of the Ariana Grande dating rumor mill begin!

Spectators at a Northridge bar got a surprise when singer Ariana Grande came in to enjoy herself, along with some friends. While Ariana coming into a random bar outside of LA may be a shock in of itself, seeing her openly make out with a random guy is a whole other thing.

That’s exactly what happened this past weekend this past Saturday when she was seen kissing a random new guy a random bar in Northridge. Witnesses say that Grande and a group of her friends came into a place called Bar Louie around 1am. They came in a sat in booth seemingly enjoying themselves. While everyone was ordering wine, it seems that Ariana only had water. The only other thing Ms. Grande apparently was this stranger’s face. She was making out with the mystery guy all through the group’s 30 minute stay at Bar Louie.

Other news sources have not identified who this guy is, so it’s assumed that this guy is not famous or in the entertainment industry. In any case, it’s good to see Ariana Grande fully enjoying herself without a care for who’s watching.

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