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Another One… DJ Khaled meets DJ Kool Herc [PHOTO]

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Another One… DJ Khaled meets DJ Kool Herc [PHOTO]

DJ Khaled 35By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Of course, people should walk their own paths, but when pursuing greatness, people often look to someone who had success before them. In terms of DJs, DJ Khaled is the go-to guy, because of all of his success. Few DJs are able to get in the game and release eight albums.

DJs pursue different things, such as radio, hosting, club, and mixtape, among other things. No DJ ever tackled music the way DJ Khaled did and he completed most of his bucket list of collaborations. Helping the likes of Lil Wayne and Rick Ross reach new heights, DJ Khaled introduced Ace Hood and then landed Jay-Z.

Being good just isn’t good enough for DJ Khaled, he wants to be better than great, iconic. Recently, DJ Khaled made moves towards this legacy when he was back out in New York City. In his latest round of Instagram photos, DJ Khaled took a photo with none other than DJ Kool Herc.

See DJ Khaled’s Instagram photo below:

Khaled Kool Herc IG

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