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Adrien Broner Has To Pay Sexual Assault Accuser More Than $830K After No Show In Court


Adrien Broner Has To Pay Sexual Assault Accuser More Than $830K After No Show In Court

By Prince Hakeem 

It looks like boxer and social media troll Adrien Broner has fork over a lot of cash after getting accused of sexually assaulting a woman back in 2018. Broner was order by a judge in a civil case to pay $783,752 to a woman who claims sexually assaulted her in a Cleveland nightclub in June 2018.

The woman, using the alias Katherine Larson, claimed in a civil lawsuit that she was sitting on a couch when Broner came over and started smothering her. She says he shoved his tongue down her throat on June 8, 2018. Things got so bad that Broner’s friend had to pull him off of her.

She subsequently went to the police with a friend and filed a report, later filing the lawsuit as well. Earlier in the year, Broner pled guilty to assault and unlawful restraint of Katherine Lawson. During the trial process, Larson cited that the incident left her scared, resulting in months of counseling and therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder.

When the judge awarded Larson the $783,752 in damages and fees, he noted that Broner did not appear to defend himself.

The judge ruled the woman proved “by clear and convincing evidence that Broner acted maliciously and that a substantial punitive award is necessary to punish and deter him from engaging in similar conduct in the future.”

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