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7 Aurelius talks working on Ja Rule’s new album, “Pain is Love 2”

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7 Aurelius talks working on Ja Rule’s new album, “Pain is Love 2”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2007, many began to take Ja Rule seriously again, as he released several new singles, made appearances on BET and MTV, and planned to release his new album. As anticipation built for the new album, the rug was unexpectedly pulled from Ja Rule’s feet. Once the record deal was dissolved, Ja Rule launched his own label and began releasing songs and videos on the internet.

As Ja Rule attempted to handle his own comeback, many scoffed at the idea. However, there was a time when Ja Rule was the alpha male in the rap game. Looking at his recent string of trouble, it is easy to forget how popular Ja Rule was. Not only was he the most-popular rapper in the game, he also proved to be a talented songwriter. Over the span of three consecutive years, Ja Rule released several hit singles.

The man behind these hits was 7 Aurelius. As Ja Rule has gone through several changes, throughout his career, one thing has remained the same. 7 Aurelius has remained the primary producer for Ja Rule. Despite the Murder Inc. rapper currently serving time in prison, he is still working on his next album, Pain is Love 2. Because of the fact Rule was headed to prison, as he was working on the album, 7 Aurelius said there was a lot of soul searching involved in the development of the album.

7 Aurelius discussed the development of Pain is Love 2 with Hip Hop-N-More. He said, one Ja Rule’s side, he feels the world forgot about the work he put in as an artist. On his own side, 7 Aurelius feels the industry forgot about the work he put in as a producer. The synergy created between the two, over this, led to what 7 Aurelius called a “supernatural” feeling. However, on this album, both 7 Aurelius and Ja Rule have a lot to prove, Ja Rule because of his legacy, and 7 because of the hit records he produced and the time he spent on top of Billboard. With this album, both 7 Aurelius and Ja Rule plan to take the game over.

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