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50 Cent speaks on adding Paris to G-Unit Records and New Music

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50 Cent speaks on adding Paris to G-Unit Records and New Music

By The Hip Hop Writer
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When the odds are stacked against him, 50 Cent is known for taking matters into his own hands. This determination is what led to 50 Cent taking over the rap game and his record deal with Interscope Records. After he had gotten shot, while working on his original debut album, Columbia Records dropped 50 Cent. With nowhere to go, 50 Cent began releasing his own albums on the street, starting with his debut intended for Columbia.

A veteran of over ten years in the game, 50 Cent is celebrating the tenth anniversary of his breakout street album, 50 Cent is the Future. Currently, 50 Cent is waiting to release the final album of his contract with Interscope Records. 50 Cent had a falling out with the label head, Jimmy Iovine, and announced his intention to leave the label. His previous studio album was met with many delays, as has his current album.

Facing several delays, 50 Cent decided to release his street album, The Big 10. Not only does the album fulfill 50 Cent’s promise to his fans, it also celebrates the ten year release of 50 Cent is the Future. A few voice is heard on the street album in the form of femcee, Paris. The world was introduced to her in the video for 50 Cent’s new track, “Queens, NY.” 50 Cent has also decided to sign her to his G-Unit Records imprint. 50 Cent explained this decision during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid for Shade 45.

50 Cent said he met Paris a year ago and he has kept in contact with her. Despite her rising to popularity through her collaboration with 50 Cent, 50 revealed she has been around for some time. The two are both from Queens and 50 Cent said he waited until she was ready and then they decided to collaborate. 50 Cent had been working with her for some time, but did not offer to sign her until he felt her own project was ready. At this stage in the game, 50 Cent said he does not want to develop an artist, he wants them to already be prepared.

Following the success of The Big 10, 50 Cent has an upcoming Street King mixtape on the way, along with his long-awaited fifth studio album. Before the release of The Big 10, 50 Cent revealed he had been working on a Street King mixtape. However, he took time off with the mixtape to prepare his most-recent project. After closing a few business deals, 50 Cent said he will begin working to complete and release the Street King mixtape. Once he is done with his business ventures and his new mixtape, 50 Cent wants to release his fifth studio album, which he said will come at the beginning of 2012.

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