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50 Cent calls Slowbucks “Snitchbucks” on Instagram [PHOTO]

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50 Cent calls Slowbucks “Snitchbucks” on Instagram [PHOTO]

50 Cent 42By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The ongoing tension between 50 Cent and Slowbucks has had both highs and lows and they depend on how the people look at it. But, one major situation took place during the Summer Jam at Hot 97. A situation looking like unity, as 50 Cent ended his beefs with G-Unit and Nas, saw Ja Rule dissed and Slowbucks’ chain snatched.

Since then, Slowbucks has gone on “The Breakfast Club” to discuss the situation with him and 50 Cent. In this interview, Slowbucks explained that a lot of the things people deem as beef really isn’t from him towards 50 Cent. But, this has done nothing to ease the tension 50 Cent has towards him.

50 Cent is not letting up on Slowbucks, after going at him and SBOE earlier tonight on his Instagram. Only a couple of hours after his initial Instagram post, 50 Cent let more out a few minutes ago. Although he already deleted this, 50 Cent made a post where he called Slowbucks “Snitchbucks” on Instagram.

See 50 Cent’s Instagram post below:


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