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Propane (The Savage Prince of Boss City) on favorite tracks off “Tha Next Problem”


Propane (The Savage Prince of Boss City) on favorite tracks off “Tha Next Problem”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, Propane (The Savage Prince of Boss City) heated up the underground hip hop scene in Louisiana with Tha Next Problem. In a time when rappers release multiple bodies of new material in a year, most projects are easily forgotten. This has not been the case for Tha Next Problem, which is still receiving play.

Propane is proud of the success of his album and thankful to all of those who have supported his music. With that being said, he reflected on a few of the songs which stuck out to him on the album. Among the favorite tracks on Tha Next Problem included the singles, “Ima Bring It” and “Ima Do It Good.”

Discussing “Ima Bring It,” Propane said it is his number one favorite song off the project. He gives it this high grade because of the energy which he feels surrounds the track. In Louisiana, Propane said the song helped make him known, which has led to him performing shows, gaining new fans, and generating sales for his music.

The second-favorite song off Tha Next Problem for Propane is “Ima Do It Good.” Crediting this song, Propane said it was the first he actually recorded for an album. Once the song was released, Propane said he began receiving comparisons to T.I. Surprised at this reaction, Propane had a good feeling, given the impact T.I. has had on the rap game over the past ten years. Propane always remembers this song and still uses the style on the track.

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