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50 Cent – “Guess Who’s Back”


50 Cent – “Guess Who’s Back”

For a while, it appeared as if 50 Cent would not be able to enter the rap game. A few years prior, 50 Cent was shot, while on his way to a video shoot for his Columbia Records debut album. Dropped by his label, 50 Cent was back at square one, so he decided to try his hand at releasing his own albums, following the success of bootlegging his intended debut album. The second release from 50 Cent was Guess Who’s Back.

Guess Who’s Back went on to become one of the most-popular underground releases of 2002. The mixtape found its way into the hands of hip hop lovers around the world. A copy of Guess Who’s Back made it to Los Angeles and into Eminem’s office at Shady Records. Eminem loved the mixtape and immediately flew 50 Cent out to Los Angeles, signing him and then he recorded Get Rich or Die Tryin.’

Download Guess Who’s Back by 50 Cent below:
[Guess Who’s Back Download]

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