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#ThirstTrapThursday with Annie Cruz: Savanna Samson talks days as a Vivid Girl, her career as an entertainer, and more


#ThirstTrapThursday with Annie Cruz: Savanna Samson talks days as a Vivid Girl, her career as an entertainer, and more

By Annie Cruz
Vivid Radio Host / Contributing Writer 

In the adult industry, there are so many ladies who have found their way. There are so many different stories, from ladies working in the industry to make their first real money, to moms looking for something cool to do. Each story is different, but the result’s the same, life altering.

Savanna Samson is among those ladies who made the jump and her life forever changed. Her earliest ambitions were to be a dancer and she did just that. Albeit in a much different capacity than her initial ballet dreams.

The latest edition of #ThirstTrapThursday has Savanna Samson taking time out to speak with us. She would explain just how a ballet dancer would grow up to become an adult star. Savanna Samson also shared some stories about her life, now as a wine proprietor.

Read the entire interview below:

We understand that you studied ballet. How did you make the leap from ballet to adult star? I lived for ballet, growing up, and it has given me the figure I have today. I moved to Manhattan when I was 17 for ballet, but found my self doing quite a different type of “dance” at a leading dance club. I loved it, though, and found all my fantasies are okay. After meeting Howard Stern, it only made sense that I take it to the next level. He was sure I would become a Porn Star. We can’t disappoint Howard now can we?! It certainly helped with all those compromising positions that’s for certain!

What did you like best about your days as a Vivid Girl? The industry was very different, when I signed with Vivid. It was so glamorous! Shoots for Vanity Fair, traveling the world and working with the most beautiful women in the world. I lived my life in New York and then flew to California, becoming Savanna Samson. It was an exciting duel life. I was the star of my own movies, scripted movies shot on 35 mm film. The only difference with Hollywood is when the kissing started the doors stayed open. It was a glamorous time of my life that I will always treasure.

I hope that readers will check out my movies at

What were your favorite few movies that you make with Vivid and why?  The New Devil in Miss Jones was a real challenge and brought my acting to another level. What I didn’t do for the director, Paul Thomas in that movie! He pushed me to the limit. I even did a monologue from the original Devil in Miss Jones that Giorgina Spelvin does while getting (you know). I learned the monologue and thought for sure I would do it in voice over but no, PT made me do it in the middle of my scene! Plus there was a billboard in Time Square which was pretty cool not to mention working with the legendary Jenna Jameson! I also loved the movie 59 Seconds as it was the first movie where I was truly in control of my sexuality and prowess. There is a scene with me and I think six guys where I am in complete control and enjoying every second.

Flasher was another great. The locations and the film quality were just amazing. Loved the script and my co stars. That was a lot of fun. Cara Lott played my mother and she was a blast to work with.

All my movies directed by Chi Chi La Rue were incredible. He brought out the nasty in me and yet they were all so glamorous! Woman Under Glass and Savanna Samson SuperStar to name a few. Again, I loved every moment of making these movies and you can see that at

Which directors did you enjoy working with the most and why? I mentioned Chi Chi La Rue before. She was just amazing. She made me break my own rules, like I said I would never be with more than 2 guys at once, well, all she had to do with ask and I did six.

B. Skow who shot most of my box covers was always so much fun to work with….too much fun! Toward the end of my contract, however, the movies were turning into gonzos. I missed my days with Paul Thomas and a script. It really takes a lot more for me to just be myself and completely vulnerable in front of the camera kind of making it up as you go kind of thing. Give me a script any day!

Which male stars did you find super sexy? Dale DeBone and I were like the golden couple in adult entertainment. He was super cute and sexy. For me, it was always about chemistry. You either have that special spark or not. I chose my partners according to that, and size, for camera mattered!

We know you’ve been in the wine business for several years. Can you please tell us about that? It’s funny, because I was often told I have to keep my worlds separate as people will judge my wine according to my past. Obviously, I haven’t listened to that advice. I have an amazing wine company. I make top rated Brunello di Montalcino, and my past is my past and I will never regret my choices. I am so proud of my wine. My wine estate is called Fattoria La Fiorita and I make roughly 25-27,000 bottles a year. My Brunello is called La Fiorita and have also added Rosso di Montalcino to my production. We are very terroir driven and carry out the utmost care in the vineyard. My previous brand was Sogno, meaning dream. I just made a final label called Sogno Vero or True Dream. I haven’t released it officially but know that there is an incredible sangiovese IGT Toscana from my vineyard for my Savanna fans available on the market soon. At La Fiorita. we are building a new wine cellar with hopes to have ready for the 2019 vintage. It will really take La Fiorita to the next level and readers of HHV must come to Montalcino to visit when it is completed!

How can our readers find your wine? I have distribution with Regal Wine Imports in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania; with Southern Glazers in Ohio; Unity in Colorado; Serendipity in Texas and Louisiana (available September); Vinaio Caprese in Florida (available September), and with Chambers & Chambers in California and Hawaii. Please ask your local wine shops and favorite restaurants and if they don’t have it they can request it from their distributor.

Do you ever get recognized as being a former Vivid Girl? If so, what do fans say to you? I do! And it’s always a surprise, but so sweet. Usually, it happens when I least expect it and when someone wants a picture. It’s little embarrassing, but after I say ‘That was pretty cool.” The latest was pulling out of the rental car place in Orlando and the guy checking my license said, “Your wine is almost as good as your movies!” I was glowing for the rest of the day so please if you ever see me, don’t be shy!

In retrospect, do you think being a top adult star changed your view of intercourse? Hmm, no not really, but I think it changes the person with me. I’ve been told there is an expectation, not necessarily from me, but on themselves, like they have to work at it or they worry that they won’t be adequate enough. That makes me sad! It should be beautiful and in the moment and not in the head … well, no pun intended. As soon as you’re aware of yourself and it becomes mental, it’s going to mess you up. It worries me that young people who watch a lot of adult videos may think that it’s a way to behave or feel they have to perform that way instead of just letting nature, instincts and feelings take over. Always trying to “perform” is not such a healthy mindset when it’s something that should be beautiful and spontaneous.

What type of music do you like to listen to while “in the mood?” In general, I like to listen to London Grammar, Florence and the Machine kind of vibe. Sexy music that just puts your body in another state of free!

Catch Annie Cruz on Vivid Radio, Sirius XM channel 415 hosting “The Dirtiest Girl in the World” from 1:00 to 2:00 pm and on

Follow Annie Cruz on Twitter @AnnieFuckinCruz.

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