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Hottie of the Week: Stephanie

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Stephanie

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many love going to Canada because it is not as busy as the United States, yet very similar. North of the border, some complain about the cool weather. Regardless of the weather, Stephanie heats things up very quickly.

Stephanie is a modern woman, obviously, and she has gained popularity on the internet. Her modeling career began when she began modeling for Soon, Stephanie’s popularity increased and she was able to introduce her other talents.

So far, Stephanie has experienced much success, as her career has quickly gone international. Doing poses for various companies and photographers has given Stephanie the freedom to explore her writing career. Stephanie has been working in entertainment for some time, acting since she was four and was a finalist in the Miss Canada 2012 pageant.

With her hands in many pots and an attractive look, naming Stephanie the Hottie of the Week was a no brainer. Stephanie provided a little more insight into her life and her career during her interview with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

Since you have been in the entertainment industry since you were four, is it safe to say your parents support your career? I must say they are very supportive. My mom always says she is my number one fan, it’s adorable!

Was modeling initially a prop for your acting career, or simply another career choice you made? I actually started as an actress and I was discovered by a photographer when I about 16 years old. The modeling became bigger and bigger and soon it gave me what I needed to get more important parts for my acting.

Having done work for various companies and photographers, what is your favorite type of modeling pose? I would say that my favorite type of modeling is the edgy, editorial kind of shooting or Haute Couture. It’s very artistic and more professional.

Do you enjoy doing topless photos? No, actually I don’t shoot topless. The only thing I can do is implied, which is hidden topless. I want to respect my fiancé and I always say that it’s better to keep a little mystery.

In the day and age of models becoming moguls, do you see yourself rising to Tyra Banks-like proportions in the entertainment industry? I would certainly like it very much, though I will tend to focus more on my acting career.

Can you open up about your writing career? Yes sure! I started writing my first novel when I was 15. Writing is a passion for me and I’m blessed to be able to do it as a job. I’m now writing my third novel and working on a script for a movie.

What type of writing do you do? I mostly write fantasy novels, I’m a huge geek who loves Dungeon and Dragon, so no wonder I love writing fantasy. I also wrote my great-grandmother’s biography, a story taking place in Holland and Germany during World War II.

Writing is not the only thing going for you, as your acting career is also going strong, can you talk about your upcoming TV appearances? I’m really excited about this project! I recently went to New York to play in a short movie for an amazing director, Jose Rico, from New York film academy. I really enjoyed working with him and we started talking about a book I wrote. He was very interested with the idea, so was the crew. He proposed to turn it into a movie and I immediately accepted. The movie will be shot next summer in a desert. It’s an American production called The Mind Game in which I will play one of the lead characters, a young sadistic girl kidnapped for a social experiment.

How has your reception from the fans been? Not only they are supportive, but they are very polite and respectful with me. They respect what I do and are always excited about my new projects and I think this is the best paycheck I could ever have. The love from my fans is the best reward!

See additional photos of Stephanie below:

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